Self Portrait assignment

As some of you may know i've been taking a portraiture class to build and grow as well as to learn and get insight. its been helping me shape my eye more. each week we get an assignment and each week i've struggled, lol. But the struggle has been beautiful. I'm very accustomed to shooting freely, often times spontaneously, but the struggle has been in being very thoughtful with extra attention to detail. i've also been a hard critic of myself and wanting to produce work at the highest of my capabilities. and it's working. I will post my progress each week for the remainder of the class series. the last blog post on K{.} was from the 1st week on photographing people we know personally. the 1st photo seen here was from that assignment where i photographed my oldest daughter as well. the following four are from the week following where we were given themes for self portraits. critiques, likes, dislikes, praises are all welcomed.... (btw these photos have no edits, straight out the camera as we were instructed to do with the exception of a very minor crop to the first photo and converting it into black and white) enjoy.

^Portrait of the familiars

^self portrait (broader issue)

^ Self portrait (yourself as a visual element/shape)

^Self Portrait (description of self)
^Self Portrait (and actor in a narrative)


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I love the first shot! You did a great job on the assignment. Please continue to share these. I'd love to follow your journey and progression!

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these are good, dachi


Awesome selfies.