Portrait Class (formal portraits)

Formal portraits with basic lighting techniques and formal posing. took me over two weeks just to get it done, lol which left me even more behind on our final. The final will be a struggle but i'm excited.





Goldi gold said...

Niccce. I guess it's a good thing the classes are hard. At least you'll feel like actually got something from it when your done!

Adachi Pimentel said...

yo fah real. it wasn't what i expected but i have learned some things. i value it all.

CHD:WCK! said...

awesome images. i really like the pic of kiki.
awesome lighting on that too.
what type of light/flash did you use?

Adachi Pimentel said...

On kiki's image i used a shoe mounted external flash straight on. it was bright and sunny that day but the trick is to combat the light so i closed the aperture to about 25, shutter at 125 and i think the iISO was at 250 can't remember.