The Intense Mushroom

So you all may remember some time ago I posted 2 images of the Love Peach that I found at a local farmer's market. Astounded by what I saw I immediately knew that I would photograph it, I almost didn't want us to even eat it. But of course we did and it was well worth it. After that I definitely didn't think I would be as lucky again to encounter yet another emoticon in my food. But I was wrong. I started chopping mushrooms to cook for dinner and this face was staring back at me and I thought oh "wth?"

I grabbed a camera and started shooting (really what else would I do I this situation). 
It took a while to think of a name for this post. The first thought was calling it "angry mushroom" but that felt inappropriate. I can't imagine any vegetable (or edible fungus for that matter being angry). I stared back at this image for some time and realized "this mushroom was mad intense." Bam!