Its almost done..phew, my website is near and I can't tell you how happy I am. Its so close to being done and currently under the scrutiny of very creative beings who are my artful friends. As I've been immersed in the process for the past month and a half, I learned some very important things. One, is of course how important it is to have a portfolio to showcase your work and vision. Two, how vulnerable it is to say "here it is!" and three, how much web designers must work to do what they do, especially from scratch. Whole 'nother appreciation for web design here. Really. My portfolio site is set to be online
April 1st, not to be associated with April fools :p I am in contemplation as to whether I will transferring this blog or beginning a new one. But while that is still a seed in my brain, Port{folio} of the [Un]seen will be here back with its original web address.

<3 & light

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