adventura partido en cinco....

its impossible to think that you can imgagine and plan all events to come like any venture i embark on, i have my expectations but i naturally keep room in my mind leaving myself and "time" open to embrace what comes, whether it's difficult, joyous, scary, and trying, or challenging this past weekend i flew, balancing off of a friend's hands and feet, stood up straight on his shoulders {believe i was panting}
my hands were two of four and a half that built fire
and i housed in the street from music playing out of a friend's car
biked around a desolate and legend filled city
took my daughter along with a friend on her first camping trip
ate hake
slept in a tent
met a two week old person with eyes that carve the soul
drank matte
sipped wine met some beautiful people
came face to face with my own shrine
all of these events aren't posted or photographed....seeing as how i'm the photographer....and usually not the subject but so much more occured

there's plenty to be thankful for, and this may be the first time that i verbalize how thankful i am for my relationship with adventure, it can be large or small, but nonetheless, dear to my life....

[next 3 photos] by jean-jacques {thank you for allowing me to be on the other side}

"An evening with two sources of light" one of blazing fire that took some time to build and the second beaming off of jean -jacques' head and at some point, samarah's

"Growing kombucha, mmmmmm a mean slap in the face"

[carrot juice]

"splitting image"

"Wharehouse Communion"

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