mia culpa (sp?)

i want to apologize for the "uh-ohs" below in the last post....been having some issues with the format and font. i know some of you have had trouble reading the text because its too small, then there's gaps that won't fix , etc. etc. i don't know.... i may have to post this all over again '_'

things happen right ?

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THE JODY said...

When GOD created blackwomen,
It showcased heavenly art,
It is amazing to look at sistas sometimes,
We have our differences and moments,
We argue and fall out sometimes,
We fight together and march side by side sometimes,
We make-up and heal sometimes,
I love blackwomen,
Sometimes it is simply a joy,
To be in your royal presence,
Often it is simply a joy to watch you walk,
The blessing of your shapes,
Your style,
The attitude,
The hand on the hip and neck poppin,
The way you talk,
As a people we been through alot,
You are the mother of civilization,
The one who was with me in the hull of the slave ship,
And the one beside me on the auction block,
You are the only one who knows and overstands my struggle,
Problems and issues between us shouldn't divide,
Sometimes it's simply a joy,
To look into a blackwoman's eyes.

Hey sista, keep on keepin on!
jody harris