Archive: J*Davey Show @ the Blockley

I love live shows, especially shooting them. Anyone who has seen me shooting at a concert (wether it be on an assignment or just for kicks) has caught me singing and possibly dancing while shooting. I do manage to be still though to compensate for the blurry shots that I produce when i can't contain myself:)

Here are some shots from The J*Davey show @the Blockley here in Philadelphia this past summer. Also featuring photos of Elevator Fight and Def Sound. Deserved credit to Yusuf 'yuiE' Muhammad for putting a great lineup together.

                                                                                                            Elevator Fight

                                                                                                          Def Sound

i love catching the audience when their caught in it. And the light  that came from the left  truly blessed this moment. #lightmeanseverythinginaphoto

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