A Personal Touch

If you're here and you're reading, you're wonderful and I appreciate you. Blogging consistently has been a challenge yet my engine in sharing what I create. This blog is where I first began showcasing my work some years back and its been wonderful to hear such genuine admiration and feed back from followers and passerby. Thank you for looking, peeking in from time to time, reading, and especially your comments.

I feel inspired to share some of the same love here, in this case, vendor love with Kraft&Jute for being so great. Their service is punctual and they are friendly and open to answer any questions. I couldn't be happier. I found them last year and have continued to use their packaging service.  Its so valuable to find small local businesses like theirs that aline with my vision. i love giving credit where its due:)

Cheers & Happy New Year!


Kat said...

Love the logo & photo on the DVD. Also a huge fan of Kraft & Jute. A little jealous that you appear to be living in an area with no snow though. ;-)

Adachi Pimentel said...

Thank you Kat. We haven't gotten much snow here in Philadelphia this winter (not the usual). But the photo was taken during a summer month while hiking in the mountains in North Carolina.

e.Lisha said...